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Mixed Shavings

Mixed Wood Shavings are a great budget shaving.  They are a mixture of our wood shavings and sawdust making them super absorbent.  They provide a soft, stable bed and are priced for the budget conscious. They also provide a stable bed for your horse.


Sawdust absorbs urine and holds a large volume of it making it a great choice for horse bedding or other animal bedding.  It will also provide a coating for any droppings thereby drying them out and not allowing them to spread to a larger part of the bed, ultimately saving you money.  Sawdust is a very easy bedding to keep clean.

Wood Chippings

Wood Chippings are an excellent alternative to wood shavings.  Wood Chippings provide a very stable bed for your horse and they are extremely absorbent.  Because of the stability of the bed mucking out is much quicker and urine is kept to a minimal spread. Although these bales are 21kg they are smaller than the shavings bales making them easier to store.

Shavings/Sawdust Mix

Our White Shavings and Sawdust Mixed Horse Bedding is the best of both worlds.  The sawdust part of the bedding provides super absorbency and stability to the bed and the white shavings provide a lovely, soft and comfortable bed for your horse. Keeps mucking out to a minimal as the sawdust keeps the urine from spreading.

Dust Extracted

Dust Extracted Shavings are the perfect solution for horses and other animals that have respiratory problems. These shavings go through the dust extraction process onsite.  The shavings are placed into a dust extractor in an outside barn, the shavings are then fed through to another barn where they are baled immediately, ensuring that the dust does not come into contact with the shavings again. These wood shavings create the perfect, soft and absorbent bed for your pet.

Small Flake Shavings

Natural Small Flake horse bedding is kiln dried and dust extracted making it a perfect choice for horses and other pets with respiratory problems.  Because it is kiln dried the flakes allow maximum absorbency of urine therefore keeping the bedding dry. Because these flakes are consistent in size they provide a very comfortable bed for your pet.
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