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Economy, Quality Horse Bedding

We provide a wide range of quality, affordable horse bedding from a mixed economy shaving to a white, fluffy dust extracted option.

Wood Shavings are a very popular choice of  horse bedding as they are very absorbent and easy to muck out.  But there are a large variety of wood shavings available and it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs.  

Wood shavings that have not been purposely produced for horse bedding can present a false economy as they may appear to be within budget but are not absorbent enough and can be quite sharp.  Wood shavings can be used for a deep litter and will take four to five bales to start a bed and then one to two bales per week to keep the bed fresh and clean.

Advantages of wood shavings are that they  are easy to muck out, easily stored and easily disposed of either by burning them or contacting your local farmer to decompose them over time for fertiliser.  Wood shavings  are absorbent and are available in a dust extracted option for horses who have respiratory problems. 

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