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Good quality dust extracted shavings

As horse owner's we put a lot of emphasis on providing good quality forage for our horses, but it is just as important to provide good quality horse bedding for them.  The effect of dust on our horses respiratory systems is well recognised.  And with our horses spending more time in their stables it is more important than ever to provide a good quality, dust extracted horse bedding for them.
In essence a healthy horse, will perform better. For a horse to compete at its athletic best, it must breathe properly.  Under average stable conditions, in a single breath, a horse can inhale up to 12 million particles of dust, into his lungs which can lead to allergies and therefore respiratory problems  Using our dust free shavings will significantly reduce the respiratory challenge from your stables.  
As our shavings are dust extracted and baled on site we can ensure that our products are of excellent quality and that we can keep our costs low.  At just £4.40 per bale our dust extracted shavings are great value for money.  And our products are available for collection or delivery.
To arrange to purchase our dust extracted shavings or any other of our products, please contact us.
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