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Looking for the perfect horse bedding at reasonable prices

Most horse owners take great pride in providing their horses with clean, fluffy white beds that provide a warm and cosy environment for their much loved friend.  But are we selecting the correct horse bedding for our horse's own individual needs?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing suitable horse bedding but if you take into account that horses are exposed to 30 million litres of air annually, we want to make sure that we do not contaminate our horse's breathing air with too many pollutants including dust particles from our horse bedding.

Factors to consider when choosing your horse bedding

  • does your horse have any health concerns?
  • are there advantages and disadvantages of each type of bedding you are considering?
  • is the horse bedding you have chosen available year round and can they be delivered?
  • where will you store your horse bedding?

Here at Brian Lears Wood Shavings we can accommodate all of the above considerations as we offer a wide range of horse bedding, including dust extracted wood shavings that are available year round.  We deliver (most of time this is included in the price and all of our pallets are covered in a waterproof 'cap' to ensure they stay dry.

If you still need help choosing your horse bedding, we will be happy to discuss these options with you.  Please contact us for advice.

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