July 11 2016

What makes us Horse Bedding experts?

Posted by CecilandCandice
We are a family run business with over 30 experience in providing good quality wood shavings, sawdust and wood chippings, and we will not be beaten on price.  It is important to us to provide excellent bedding for all your animal requirements. We do understand that a lot of people may be on a...
June 28 2016

Horse Bedding provides a warm and comfortable environment for your horse

Posted by CecilandCandice
A tidy stable and yard enables a comfortable and stress-free existence for your much loved pet. The bed that you provide for your horse is a very important factor to their comfort and well being and so it is important to choose a suitable horse bedding that meets both your requirements.   Your...
June 23 2016

The Importance of Good Stable Management and Horse Bedding Maintenance

Posted by CecilandCandice
Maintenance of stables and a good mucking out routine is paramount to ensure your horse has a healthy environment to live in with fresh bedding providing your horse with a warm and cosy bed.   Follow these horse bedding  tips to ensure your horse has a clean and healthy stable environment. Clear...
June 13 2016

The right horse bedding depends on a number of factors

Posted by CecilandCandice
Horse bedding is a unique choice for a lot of us as it can depend on so many varying factors.  These can include cost, delivery, storage, disposal and the individual horse's requirements. Over the next few weeks we will discuss the different types of horse bedding we offer and the advantages and...
June 02 2016

Quality Horse Bedding Providers

Posted by CecilandCandice
As an equestrian family we truly understand the diverse needs of horse bedding.  not every horse's requirements are the same and of course meeting your budget needs is very important too. That is why we bale and stock a variety of horse bedding to suit all our customers' needs.  Just take a look...
May 25 2016

Dust Extracted Shavings

Posted by CecilandCandice
Dust Extracted Shavings are the perfect solution for horses and other animals that have respiratory problems. These shavings go through the dust extraction process onsite.   The shavings are placed into a dust extractor in an outside barn, the shavings are then fed through to another barn where...
May 16 2016

Dust Extracted Horse Bedding at unbeatable prices

Posted by CecilandCandice
Here at Brian Lears Wood shavings we produce, bale and stock a wide range of horse bedding to suit all budgets and needs.  All of our horse bedding products are available for either delivery or collection. If you have a horse who requires a dust free horse bedding then our dust extracted shavings...
April 25 2016

Considering all aspects of Horse Bedding

Posted by CecilandCandice
There are always advantages and disadvantages when selecting horse bedding that is suitable for your needs.  This is because not only do you have to consider which horse bedding is suitable for your horses needs for example dust extracted shavings, but you also need to consider other things like...
April 19 2016

Horse Bedding for all budgets

Posted by CecilandCandice
Why buy your horse bedding from the middle man when you can buy directly from us, saving you a huge amount of money on your horse bedding requirements. We provide a wide range of horse bedding and animal bedding of various grades at various prices.  So depending on your animals needs and of course...
April 07 2016

Horse Bedding Solutions

Posted by CecilandCandice
With over 30 year experience in horse bedding, Brian Lears Wood Shavings offers an affordable solution to your horse bedding needs. Our wood shavings are dust extracted and baled on site so we can ensure that when we say dust extracted, that is just what we mean.  We also offer a wide range of...
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