October 11 2016

Looking for the perfect horse bedding at reasonable prices

Posted by CecilandCandice
Most horse owners take great pride in providing their horses with clean, fluffy white beds that provide a warm and cosy environment for their much loved friend.  But are we selecting the correct horse bedding for our horse's own individual needs? There are many aspects to consider when choosing...
Horse Bedding
October 03 2016

Why use wood shavings for your horse bedding?

Posted by CecilandCandice
Wood shavings absorb moisture and odours from your horse making it a great choice of horse bedding.  It also provides a warm and cosy bed for your horse allowing them to rest more often and thereby encouraging them to be more relaxed overall.  As wood shavings provide a more comfortable horse...
September 20 2016

It all starts in the stable!

Posted by CecilandCandice
A tidy stable and yard enables a comfortable and stress-free existence for your much loved pet. The bed that you provide for your horse is a very important factor to their comfort and well being and so it is important to choose a suitable horse bedding that meets both your requirements. Your horse...
September 14 2016

Horse Bedding for Winter

Posted by CecilandCandice
With the night's drawing in, the days are getting shorter which means that our much loved horses will soon be spending less time out grazing and more time in their stables.  So we should be providing them with the warmest, driest beds possible.  And this means that your choice of horse bedding is...
September 05 2016

What makes our horse bedding different?

Posted by CecilandCandice
As an equestrian family ourselves we have a great understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using horse bedding.  We know that all horses requirements are not the same and that some owners are restricted to budget and disposal of their horse bedding. All of our horse bedding is handled...
August 22 2016

Horse Bedding at unbeatable prices and quality

Posted by CecilandCandice
There are always advantages and disadvantages when selecting horse bedding that is suitable for your needs.  This is because not only do you have to consider which horse bedding is suitable for your horses needs for example dust extracted shavings, but you also need to consider other things like...
August 18 2016

Good quality dust extracted shavings

Posted by CecilandCandice
As horse owner's we put a lot of emphasis on providing good quality forage for our horses, but it is just as important to provide good quality horse bedding for them.  The effect of dust on our horses respiratory systems is well recognised.  And with our horses spending more time in their stables...
August 13 2016

A combination of Horse Bedding can be a good solution

Posted by CecilandCandice
Here at Brian Lears Wood Shavings we understand there are so many horse bedding products to choose from nowadays that it can be quite overwhelming when deciding to choose a horse bedding  that suits both your budget and your horse's requirements. And sometimes it may even be a good idea to use a...
August 02 2016

Our full range of horse bedding

Posted by CecilandCandice
If you are looking for a wide variety of horse bedding at unbeatable prices we can help.  We provide a range of horse bedding to suit your budget and your horse's requirements.  We have listed below our products from the lowest to the highest price and we are sure you will agree that our horse...
July 25 2016

Horse Bedding Experts

Posted by CecilandCandice
Here at Brian Lears we do not stock all types of horse bedding, but we can tell you about the distinct advantages and disadvantages of all types of horse bedding.  And if you still can't decide which is the best choice for you, we will be happy to provide you with advice.  Please feel free to...
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